If your rental has a hardwood deck, highlight it in your advertising photographs to entice potential guests. However, appropriate maintenance is required to ensure that your wooden deck maintains its beauty over time. Although wood is a lovely material, it does require special care, except for exotic wood like teak, which requires less attention. Wooden boards or slats deteriorate and turn greyish due to UV, weather, and pollution. In wet weather, stains emerge, and moss can take over the surface, making the deck slippery. GTA Decks is the best terrace builder who never recommends abrasive products because they can kill your surrounding plants and flowers. 

Rain, snow, cold, UV radiation from the sun, and wear and tear from everyday living, such as stains and abrasion from frequent traffic, are all factors that affect the longevity of wooden terraces in Toronto. Likewise, your patio will become dusty, dingy, and tarnished if it is composed of resinous wood (untreated or autoclaved wood) or exotic wood. GTA Decks provides easy-to-follow care and protection plan for your deck at terrace Toronto.

There are a few easy yet efficient procedures employing eco-friendly solutions to clean your patio of all these contaminants and maintain the natural luster of the deck at your terrace in Toronto. First, apply the saturator to the wood in 2 to 3 coats, with a 2-hour gap between applications, after cleaning and exposing it. Then, wait 24 to 48 hours after the last layer has been applied before re-circulating.

Tips for Maintaining a Terrace in Toronto

Ensure that the space between the slats is clean

Scrape the gap between the wooden planks with a spatula to remove any dirt that has crept in. It should not be done with a high-pressure hose, and the same goes for washing the surface in general since high pressure might damage the natural protective coating of the wood.

Make use of the appropriate items

  • Dishwasher detergent powder, dishwashing liquid, and black soap are all good for cleaning wooden decks. They are efficient in removing oil and vegetal stains. What is the best course of action? Dilute one of the three items in hot water, then scrub the deck with a bristle brush, making sure to follow the grain of the wood. Because these products produce a lot of foam, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Remember to dry the deck with a towel or mop to eliminate standing water, leading to long-term wood decay.
  • On the dirtiest terraces, soda crystals (one cup per liter of water) and sodium percarbonate (one volume for ten volumes of water) can be employed. Prepare a combination with lukewarm water, scrub in the direction of the wood, rinse well, and dry, just as you would with detergents.
  • Citric acid is an excellent moss killer. Mix three teaspoons of citric acid with half a liter of water, then sweep the whole area and rinse.

Saturate and Brighten

Wood tends to lose color and become grey over time. We recommend using a brightener to clean the wood and restore its warm look. After this product, a saturator must be used to bring out the wood’s original hues. The brightener and saturator will soften the grey; after all, we can’t even battle the ravages of time!

Maintain Your Terrace Toronto WIth GTA Decks

Terraces may be valuable additions to a home and an excellent investment. Terraces may be found in condo buildings, business buildings, and some people’s backyards all around the GTA Decks. Terraces provide an additional zone outside of your enclosed property to play with, design to your preference, and indulge in for people who want fresh air and sunlight all year. You may reach out to GTA Decks here if you have any queries concerning the maintenance of your terrace in Toronto. Contact us at (416) 315-2200 today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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