The ideal definition of a deck would be low maintenance and high performance. Investing in a deck translates into a commitment of at least 25-30 years. You don’t want a deck that requires quick replacement, constant repairs, staining, and up-keep. Looks factor into the decision-making process as you want a deck with a finished, stunning finish. If all these factors are on your decking checklist, then go in for Trex Decking.

Read on to know all about the tremendous benefits of Trex Decking:


Maintenance and Cost

If you go for traditional wooden decks, you would end up spending a lot of time and money on maintenance every year than you would on Trex. To maintain a wooden deck, you have to stain it regularly which could cost an average of $540-$1050 (according to HomeAdvisor). If you were to stain your deck every 2-3 years, that would be a huge chunk of investment gone into maintenance. Trex Decks on the other hand never require any sanding, staining, or re-painting. All you need to do is clean it with soapy water and you’re good to go. It feels easier on the pocket and hassle-free in maintenance. 


If you want to combine beauty with durability, Trex Decking is the right choice for you. The decks look elegant but are extremely durable in the composite decking range. It can last longer than any other composite decking material in the market. It also can withstand tremendous pressure and extreme temperatures. While factors like snow and rain would reduce the lifespan of wooden decks considerably, Trex stands strong against natural elements.


Trex composite decking material is made out of recycled plastic and wood. This greatly reduces any negative impact on the environment. A 500 sq. foot Trex deck would utilize about 140,000 plastic bags which would help preserve the environment. Trex is 95% wood chips, recycled sawdust and plastic items, fibers, and wood pellets. Each year, Trex has successfully reused 500 million pounds of plastic and discarded wood which would otherwise fill dumps and landfills. Plastic can do irreparable damage to the environment once it enters the water streams, soil, and oceans. Investing in a Trex deck helps you take a positive step towards environmental preservation. 


Trex decking offers an astounding warranty of 25 years ensuring that the deck will not fade or stain. Trex owners can proudly show off their deck as it looks brand new even after years of use.  The plastic-wood combination that goes into the making of Trex decking does not get worn down due to the weather including heavy snow or rain. Trex decks will not spit, chip or warp as is usually found in conventional wooden decks. 

Unaffected by Temperature

When exposed to hot sunny afternoons, you don’t want your deck to heat up that it makes it uncomfortable to sit or walk around. Extensive studies show that Trex does not conduct heat like other materials and does not heat up like decks made out of plastic alone or pressure-treated wood. 

Insect Proof

One of the biggest advantages of Trex composite decking is that it is both rot and insect-free. Bugs cannot dig into it or lay eggs in it which would damage the integrity of its structure. You don’t have to worry about termite or insect infestation. It is safer than other materials by protecting against termites which could seriously damage the strength of the deck. 

Extensive Collection of Colors and Materials

Every individual has a unique taste and does up their home and interiors unique to their style and personality. Trex decking materials can be found in up to 23 colors giving you a wide range of options to choose from. You can pick from a selection of grain, texture, and material. This allows you to find the perfect deck suited to your taste and preferences. 

These benefits of Trex decking surely make it one of the most sought-after decking options in the market. Contact GTA Decks at (416) 315-2200 to get a free quote and let us bring your dream deck project to life!

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