While the temperature outside begins to rise that means it’s time to get your backyard deck ready for full-on entertainment. The nice weather and light breeze are calling your friends and family outdoors, which means it’s time to set your space up for some fun. Connect back to your deck that you’ve been apart from so long. Scrub those wooden panels ahead of time, soak in the sun and maximize your time with the area.

Read ahead to learn about setting up your deck in full swing for the summer months:


Clean and Inspect Your Deck

The glowing deck that had a beautiful vibrance of color and detail just last summer, may now have a dull and dusty look. Take the time to look at your deck carefully, keep your eyes open for any elements that may have gotten damaged during the harsh weather conditions. Toss out any items which are worn out or broken. Remove items from your deck that does not part-take in creating a stunning ambiance. Good thing wood is resilient, it does not require much maintenance for the most part!

Scrub Down Your Deck

A good wash is all it takes to get one step closer to a clean deck. Remove any signs of debris and dirt using a power washer. This includes mending any loose nails, stains that are spotted on the surface. If you don’t own one – consider renting one, they cost less than $100 per day. The purpose of a power washer is to professionally clean rigorous stains and easily revive any harshly affected wood fibers from the sun. 

Some people find power washers too overbearing, making them challenging to handle. If you’re not confident with using a power washer, another option is to polish your deck with a broom. You can also choose to use a long-handled scrub brush, with both choices you will need a commercial deck cleaner or simply mix 1 cup of white vinegar in 1 gallon of water and get started on scrubbing the deck. Rinse the deck again with fresh water from the garden hose and later let it air dry.

Staining Your Deck

Yes, you heard this correctly! Staining a deck with a fresh coat is one of the best practices to add years to its life. Deck stains come in many forms, these include environmentally friendly, wax, and oil-based options. They vary from transparent to pigmented types. Locate which stain color fits based on the style and age of deck wood. Quick Tip: Proceed to stain two deck boards at one time – lengthwise

The process of staining a deck is creative, quite similar to painting a wall. You will need staining equipment such as brushes, pads, rollers, and trays. Be sure to coat and glide the stain across the decking boards evenly. Carefully make sure to apply an even coat before any layer dries.

Keeping an authentic relationship with your wood can allow it to last a lifetime if treated with care! Check out the various embellishments and deck services you can get to get your deck to be summer-ready. 

Backyard Transformation

Once your deck has been swept clean, the painted colors have dried it may be the perfect time to rearrange your furniture.  Try to decorate the area with new furniture, plants, rugs, and pots following a complementary color scheme. Give your deck an affordable makeover and brighten up the area.

Beautiful plants can enhance your backyard with minimal effort. Putting in a tiny amount of effort can go a long way. Make hosting fun when the outdoor space is ready for action. Get ready for beautiful months of enjoyment, from playing outdoors to grilling food in the backyard with relaxing sunsets with beautiful deck lighting you’ll get a whole lot of use out of your deck area.

Tips & Tricks for Restoring Your Deck

Thinking bigger in terms of expanding your deck area, it’s totally up to you how you’d imagined your backyard area. Get creative with how your outdoor deck area can look. We can sketch a 3D design to illustrate your vision to life. Contact us at: (416) 315-2200 with any questions.
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