Ipe wood decking materials have a high price tag, which may cause you to second-guess whether an investment in them is worthwhile. After all, there are many other hardwood materials available that are equally stunning but more affordable. 

Nevertheless, Ipe wood continues to be the best option for those seeking lasting elegance and long-term value. Why is that, you may wonder?

This blog post will explore ipe wood, why deck builders prefer it, and why it’s an excellent choice for your next decking project.

What is Ipe Wood?

Ipe, pronounced “EE-pay,” is a stunning exotic wood originating in South America, primarily in Brazil. Its botanical name is Tabebuia Serratifolia. You may know it by its other popular names, such as ironwood or Brazillian walnut. 

Although indigenous to South Africa, the ipe tree also grows in tropical areas like southern Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The fact that Ipe is one of the world’s hardest woods contributes to its extraordinary durability and longevity. Furthermore, it has a built-in resistance to fire, decay, mould, and insect attack. 

Moreover, the wood is lovely, with a deep, rich colour which is why it is highly prized for luxury exterior woodworking projects such as outdoor furniture, siding, fences, and decks.

Reasons Why Deck Builders Use Ipe Decking

As mentioned earlier, most people prefer to install an Ipe wood deck due to the material’s durability. However, in addition to its inherent durability, Ipe wood is also the best deck-building material for the following reasons:

Ipe Wood Is Very Hard and Strong

Ipe decking’s high density is one of the reasons it lasts so long and is so robust. Its high hardness has numerous advantages you will appreciate for many years. For example:

  • It does not sag like synthetic decking. 
  • It is stable in heat and cold.  
  • It does not expand and contract like some other decking materials. 
  • On top of that, it resists scrapes and gouges.

It Is Very Attractive

Ipe wood’s natural hue ranges from pale browns to deep and chocolaty dark browns, with many variations. In addition, the unusual figure, striping, and grain variations of your Ipe deck give natural beauty and character.

Highly Immune To Common Wood Issues

In addition to its strength, Ipe decking is famous for its resistance to common wood issues. It can efficiently resist water and moisture because of its tight fibres, which is also why it is difficult to absorb stains and paint. Furthermore, termites, insects, mould, and heat cannot pierce it, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Low Maintenance

Ipe may be more expensive initially, but when considering long-term costs, the opposite is, in fact, true. Let’s take, for example, pressure-treated lumber. This decking material can last for 5-7 years before deteriorating. On the other hand, plastic and composite boards may start to fade and deteriorate within a few years. However, Ipe can last up to 75 years, depending on the environmental conditions. That means that, over the lifespan of a deck, Ipe is often more cost-effective than pressure-treated or composite boards, which may need replacing multiple times. In short, the upfront cost of Ipe is usually the same as mid-grade composite decking and less than high-end composite options. 

It Is Easy To Do Board Replacement

Another advantage of using Ipe for decking is that they are easier to repair when boards are damaged. For example, if a hot grill causes damage to a pressure-treated or composite deck, the replacement board will often stand out from the others because these materials are consistent and fade over time. This can result in patchwork on the deck that is very noticeable. In contrast, tropical hardwoods vary from board to board, so replacing a damaged board will not be as noticeable. 

This natural variation makes it easier to match the colour and grain of the replacement board to the rest of the deck. This benefit is unique to natural wood materials and is also a common issue with prefinished and engineered wood flooring.

Now you can see why deck builders use Ipe decking. It is beautiful and lasts for decades without deteriorating, adding value to any property. And because it is often more cost-effective in the long run, it’s a smart investment for any deck-building project.

So, if you are considering getting solutions for an excellent finish of your ipe deck, contact GTA Decks to learn more and get started on your project today! You can reach our team by filling out the free quote form on our website. Or call us at (416) 315-2200.

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