If you’ve finally decided to build a deck inside the confines of your house, consider getting a decking material reference. A home without a deck resembles a fashion show without a red carpet. This is because a deck provides your home with a lovely, practical outdoor living area where you can uninterruptedly appreciate nature’s gifts. And this is without leaving behind all the comforts of home. 

Choosing the right decking materials can be difficult when planning a new deck for your backyard. And you also have to consider additional elements, including installation costs and cost considerations. In this blog, we will look at what you will need to get your backyard deck project underway and why you should find a decking material reference as soon as possible.

What to Take Into Account When Designing the Plan for a New Deck

Before going for a decking material reference, the first step is creating a plan. Since a beautifully planned deck extends your home’s living space, it must follow the same home planning routine. So you do the following:

  • Assemble images that inspire you.
  • Find out about your neighbourhood’s laws, regulations, and restrictions, including those imposed by your homeowners’ association (HOA). 
  • Establish a responsible spending limit.
  • As you plan your deck, think about whether or not you want to include amenities like outdoor dining and seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor heaters, or a gas fireplace/fire pit.
  • You should consider privacy and shade when deciding where to put your deck.
  • Families, pets, and kids should all have their safety and accessibility needs considering.
  • Choose the best decking material that fits your budget and plans. 

Before finalizing your deck design, it’s a good idea to confirm that digging in your backyard is safe. Electrical, plumbing, sewer, and other underground utilities may impact the location and size of your deck.

How to Choose a Decking Material

Out of all the plans and decisions to make before setting up your backyard deck, choosing a decking material and who installs it is crucial. Both determine how appealing and durable your deck becomes after construction. Consider the initial cost and future maintenance, repairs, and replacements when choosing a deck material. You can get a decking material reference to ease the process. Real wood, composite decks, and polymer decks are a few of the decking material options available. 

Wood Deck

A wood deck is real, organic, and satisfyingly substantial. However, wood decks exhibit wear and tear after several years of exposure to the elements, necessitating power washing and re-staining. 

Composite Deck

In terms of long-term durability, composite decking, which combines wood fibres and plastics, has had both successes and failures. Nevertheless, this wood-alternative board is a top choice for backyard decking because it is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

PVC Deck

The most recent decking material technology uses recycled plastic or PVC deck board 100% PVC. These deck boards are significantly more resistant to fading and rotting than composite decking because they don’t contain any organic material. PVC is a material that is entirely made of plastic, free of any organic materials, and it is not susceptible to splintering, cracking, or scratching. As a result, it is resistant to termites and decay, won’t warp or splinter, and doesn’t need to be sanded, stained, or sealed.

Additionally, it enables the addition of an intricate wood texture to the deck boards, giving them a more authentic appearance than the composite material.

Which Decking Manufacturers is Best?

Once you have chosen the type of deck you need, the next step is finding out which manufacturer is the best to buy from. 

If you have no experience with decking, it is tough to choose from the many companies offering similar services. It is now appropriate to make use of the decking material reference. Your best course of action is to get in touch with a reputable decking company to handle your project if you require professional advice or guidance during this process. When you contract with a reputable business for this project, they will provide you with samples of what is necessary to build your ideal deck in the location of your choice. Additionally, they will offer a selection of the best manufacturers or suggest the best for the type of deck construction you need. Although hiring a contractor will increase your overall deck costs, their skillset and tools will better ensure that your deck meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Consider your priorities when selecting a decking material for your project. Choose a product with excellent design options and safer materials, the best price, or one that strikes a balance between the two.

But why stress yourself out when you can hire professionals knowledgeable about decking materials? Working with top experts will help you get the best decking materials. Decking professionals like GTA Decks provide high-quality decking construction. Contact us for more information.

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