Spring is right around the corner, that means it’s time to revisit the state of your current deck design. A basic old deck look can feel a tad bit boring, so why not take the space available to the next level with professionals who will handle securing the proper paperwork, from permit drawings to custom deck building

If you’re looking for a long-term investment for your home, a deck will last throughout the ages with annual maintenance. The purpose of a deck is to highlight your private backyard from directly inside your home. Be creative, go all out with customizing your deck. Interested in building a deck from scratch, that’s not like the others?

Key Features Every Dream Deck Needs:


Imagine a bright sunny day, you’re looking to sit outside in the shade under a Pergola. Pergolas are a great way to enhance your deck area. If you want to be drawn to a beautiful spacious area, add a hot tub or spa under your pergola or gazebo deck. The gazebo is similar to the pergola however they are open on all sides. The pergola is guaranteed to deliver the perfect shade on a sunny day. 

Intimate Garden Pathway with Decking

Not interested in having a deck attached to your home? No problem. 

Explore the outdoors of your back garden with intertwined decks throughout. Use a combination of narrower pathways and wider decks to draw in your natural surroundings. Especially great for backyards with a large amount of space to feel connected to your home surrounding area.


Now the safest and easiest upgrade choice you can choose to go with is Railings. Glass frame railings assist with upgrading the style to your deck. They can add a more modern touch to an old deck. Elevated wood railings are pushed to more sophisticated styles compared to simple classic wood. It’s a great choice in making changes without using too many materials.

Built-in Seating Solutions

Whether your deck is large or small, admire your creativity when the vision is brought to life. Another design which can be created is a Deck with Built-in Seats. No more searching for stools to carry out. More room for entertaining and seating comfortably. Cozy up next to the fireplace or take in the view completely immersed into your outdoor surrounding space. 

Built in Seating

Lighting Up your Deck

Set aside regular rectangular decks and bring out the circular and spiral shapes. It makes the backyard effortlessly appealing with out of the ordinary designs. It’s much more modern by stepping outside the classic deck design. Also make use of deck Lightings for narrow pathways. Low voltage lightings or LED lights are great for making your decks more functional at night. All of these features take an ordinary deck design and transform it into something unique, providing you with more to love in your outdoor living space. 

Hire the Professionals

When it comes to modern and contemporary homes, many include a striking deck feature which takes their living area over the top. Decks don’t always require a lot of area to be built in, it’s based on what you’re looking to create. Modern designs incorporate conveniences of your inner living space outdoors. Think about including these top modern deck features to build a custom designed deck for your needs today with GTA Decks.

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