At least once a year, most decks require some cleaning and upkeep. A pressure washer can help speed up the cleaning procedure on your deck.

If the deck hasn’t been coated in a while and water isn’t beading up on the surface, it’s time to reapply deck sealant.

You may follow this advice to get started on the steps to having a brighter, longer-lasting deck, whether it simply needs a simple cleaning or a comprehensive refresh.

Scrape Off Loose Finish

Using a paint scraper, remove any loose paint or opaque deck stain. Scrape damaged sections down to the bare wood.

Sand the edges of the residual finish material down to bare wood in each place.

Scrub the Surface

Remove flaky discoloration or grime using a hard bristle brush. When cleaning cedar or redwood, avoid using a metal bristle brush since the metal bristles may scratch the sensitive wood.

Apply Cleaner

Wood surfaces should be treated with a deck brightener/refinisher. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the product. Use a hard bristle brush to work the brightener into the wood, if required using an extension handle on the brush.

Power Wash Deck

Using a pressure washer with a fan spray nozzle, wash the deck surfaces to remove the brightener solution and any residue. To avoid harming the wood, use the low power setting.

Allow the deck to completely dry before applying a fresh finish.

Use a Brush

Brush the finish into the end grain, seams, and spaces between the boards using a brush.

Back-brushing is the term for this technique. Remove drips by back-brushing vertical surfaces.

If the end grain absorbs most of it, you may need to apply an extra finish.

How to Wash a Deck?

First, blow all of the material off the deck’s surface using a leaf blower or broom, then wash the deck.

Purchase a professional deck cleaner that eliminates mildew, oxidation (graying), and grime to clean your deck. Sodium percarbonate is included in the better ones. Mix it according to the guidelines on the label. Wear rubber gloves and safety eyewear at all times.

Scrub the surface in line with the wood grain with a firm fibre bristle brush with a broom-type handle. Work in tiny areas and rinse with clean water often. Allow time for drying. This may be all that is required to restore the wood’s original tone.

You may hire a power washer for a large deck and set the pressure to 600 to 800 psi to blast and rinse the decking. It should have a nozzle that creates a 25 to 40-degree arc.

Hold the nozzle approximately 6 inches above the deck’s surface and spray gently and steadily in line with the wood grain, overlapping your course, while wearing safety goggles. Avoid getting too near or staying in one spot for too long since the intense spray will damage fragile wood grain. Allow several days for the deck to cure before adding any form of finish.

How to Finish a Wood Deck

Allow a deck to dry completely before sealing it, but don’t leave it too long or it may get unclean again. By dropping a few droplets of water on the wood, you can see if it needs to be sealed. The deck should be sealed if the water does not bead up and soaks right in.

Consult a paint provider or other specialist to determine which finish is ideal for the lumber used to construct your deck. To prevent moisture from soaking in, it should include either oil or paraffin. It should also include UV blockers or pigment (color) to prevent the sun’s rays from turning the deck gray unless that’s the effect you’re going for. If your home is infested with wood-eating pests, make sure the finish also contains pesticides.

A semi-transparent stain, opaque stain, clear sealant, or paint are all options. The greatest finishes, in most situations, soak into the wood. Surface-coating films, such as paint, tend to display wear patterns and peel more easily. As a result, they need to be re-coated more frequently.

To Conclude

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