Deck construction is one of the essential elements in any building project. There are many different kinds, and they all have distinct features. First, you need to make sure what types of decks you want. Decks are built for various purposes and are created differently depending on the goal. 

If you are a contractor or architect, you need to consider these factors to avoid pitfalls before you plan, design and build a deck for your client. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Deck Material

  • Are they going to use this as an extension of their house?
  • Do they have a lot of space outside that needs to be covered?
  • What kind of weather conditions do they experience there? Such as rain, sunlight, wind etc.
  • Will it be an open deck or enclosed?
  • Do they want to build an Entryway Deck, Swimming Pool Deck, Side-Yard Deck, Attached Deck, or Multi-Level Deck?
  • Is there anything around that can make their decks unsafe such as trees, power lines, and neighbours’ properties?
  • Do they have a sizable backyard landscape or a smaller backyard? 

Knowing how much area you have to work with for your project is essential when picking a deck. You can choose the specifics of the design once you’ve determined how big the deck can be. When you’ve got the answers to these questions, you will better understand what type of deck would suit their property.

Types Of Wood

Traditional Wood

The most popular material for home decking is wood, which is available in various varieties. After installation, a hardwood deck is a beautiful alternative to improve the aesthetic of their house. Providing they take good care of it, a wooden deck is very resilient and can sustain foot activity. The wooden deck needs to be cleaned frequently throughout the year and resealed every five years. The most efficient technique to safeguard the hardwood deck is to seal and treat it.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is one of the most popular solutions available and requires less care because it is made of plastic and wood waste fibres. Considering the decking material’s toughness, it can withstand everyday wear and tear and weather conditions. The risk of their deck being damaged by snow or rain is nonexistent. Simply rinsing it with soap and water a few times a year will take care of the composite deck’s cleaning needs.

Solid Composite Decking

Solid composite boards are thick, heavy, and frequently used to construct permanent floors for homes, workplaces, and hotels. The deck planks made of the solid composite are robust and long-lasting. They are utilized for house paths, swimming pool decks, etc.

Hollow Composite Decking

Lightweight decking materials are frequently used for attaching cables, cladding, siding, etc. They have lower impact resistance. The edges of these structures need to have caps or fascia boards.

Capped Composite Decking

Capped composite deck board consists of a core and a cap. The core is made from organic wood filler and recycled plastic material, while the cap is made from a synthetic material to increase the resistance to stain, scratch, and discoloration. They are used for garden areas, swimming pool decks, outdoor pathways, etc., for areas exposed to extreme wear and tear or weather conditions. 

Best Decking Materials & Wood for Decks

The three most popular types of wood for decks are pressure-treated wood, Ipe (an exotic hardwood), and cedar. Pressure-treated lumber is more resistant to water and moisture in general, while cedar and Ipe, in particular, both have stronger resistance to decay and insects.

Composite decks, constructed of wood and resin, endure long and don’t require sealing or staining. These are other decking materials you could consider. Another sturdy option is polymer decks, which are made of PVC.

Take Away

Consider future maintenance and repair expenses while selecting the best materials for your deck design project. GTA Decks offers years of expertise and trustworthiness to help you choose which deck material best suits your client’s needs. We cater to all Residential and Commercial businesses to build Decks, Fences, Terraces, Roof Tops, Balconies, Privacy Walls, Waterproof Decks, 3D Deck Designs, Permit Drawings & BCIN Designs, Railings, Terraces, Patio, and IPE Maintenance. We are reachable at (416) 315-2200

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