We felt that building a pergola over the deck would be the best solution.

GTA Decks has some suggestions for building a pergola on a deck. It’s a simple procedure, but the main focus should be stability and security. With the advancement of deck hardware, it’s easier to construct on top of existing buildings without rebuilding everything. Instead, you can effectively clasp two constructions together and make them into one with more robust post bases and more adaptable wood ties.

How To Build A Pergola On A Deck That Will Stay Strong For Years

Pergolas come in various designs that you may put on your deck. You may also make a DIY privacy screen out of latticework on the sides of your pergola to give it the appearance of walls. However, you must first master the fundamentals before you pick a style. That includes choosing the correct hardware to end up with a building that will keep standing no matter what. Here are the parts of hardware you should pay special attention to:

Post Bases

Unless you’re looking for a more complicated wall-leaning design, a pergola needs at least four support pillars that are solidly connected to the deck. You’ll use post bases to secure the pergola’s posts to the deck, which will support the entire structure’s weight. However, because your pergola will be built on top of your deck, the hardware will be visible (hiding it is possible, but it takes extra work and time). Instead of the traditional silver-colored, industrial-looking galvanized metal, you’ll want to go with something meant to be noticed. 

Proper Bolts

When building the top structure for your pergola’s roof, you’ll need timber bolts to attach wood to wood. Because you’ll most likely be working with treated wood, use fasteners intended to function with pressure-treated lumber. It should be thoroughly examined, even with something as simple as a wood bolt. Because it operates from the inside out, this wood bolt allows you to hide the ends of your bolts within the beam. This enables you to avoid clipping any bolt ends, and the bolts are robust against moisture and look good, too, thanks to their corrosive-resistant black coating. 

Post To Beam Support

In addition to bolts, you’ll need hardware to secure your posts to the beams that will form the roof of your pergola. Because this gear will be required to keep the structure stable during high winds, it should be composed of robust steel, preferably hot-dipped galvanized. However, because these fasteners will be a prominent design feature, use post-to-beam supports designed to be seen if you don’t want to hide them.

Installing a pergola on a deck raises it higher than in your yard, making it more susceptible to wind movement. As a result, the essential thing is to use thick galvanized steel fasteners, ideally with an additional coating to protect them when putting a pergola on a deck.

Build Your Pergola With GTA Decks

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