Your deck enhances the aesthetic and value of your house, but only if it is in good shape. A deck’s former appearance might be sacked by split boards, discoloration, some prominent grain, and other defects. Therefore we need to repair it because nobody wants to render their lovely deck useless. Before building the deck, we must determine whether it is repairable or if a new one is required. Because without knowledge, we might make the wrong decision and waste our hard-earned money. So to save time and money, let’s correspond with deck resurfacing vs. deck restoring.

Deck Resurfacing

The process of replacing an old deck with a newer one to fix the issues is called deck surfacing. It gives your worn-out deck a new life and significantly reduces maintenance work. It starts with removing the boards from your deck that looks shabby and worn out and replacing them with newer, better-looking ones. If the wood deck’s surface deteriorates and ages, you should consider resurfacing it.

Deck Restoring

Deck restorations can refer to several things, from simple deck scrubbing and refinishing to a comprehensive overhaul using new decking boards to fill cracks and improve appearance. This restoration process can be simple or more intensive, depending on the age and condition of your wood floor. If your deck is not that old, it may only need a thorough cleaning and hand-coating to return it to its former glory. 

Paying attention to your deck, where you relax in your leisure time, can benefit you in many ways. You can eliminate debris or safety hazards from breaking downstairs or railings. It helps to prolong the deck’s life and makes them look better, which adds value to your home. The deck resurfacing process is quite simple. In addition, you can avoid spending a lot of money by monitoring all the symptoms at the right time.

When should I Consider Resurfacing and Restoring the deck?

Evident Wood Deterioration

Wood surfaces exposed to moisture can and will rot, and UV rays discolor the wood and damage the grain, making it easier to absorb rain, melting snow, and morning dew, which causes it to weaken and swell. Since the surface of your deck is the most exposed to UV light and moisture, it is also the most vulnerable and likely to degrade the fastest. If your deck has cracks, broken boards, or holes caused by termites or other insects, it’s time to repair the damaged wood and restore the stability of your deck. Your deck should not be shaky or weak but firm and durable.

Corrosion Wood

If your deck is not adequately secured, rust is one of your main issues. Rot not only makes your patio look untidy, but it may also be harmful since it compromises the structural integrity of your deck. The wood will become brittle and break if the rot spreads far enough.

Fungi And Mildew

Your deck will inevitably develop some mold due to constant exposure to moisture. A small amount of greenish mold is usually an eyesore, but if you notice any fungal growths or molds that resemble mushrooms, you may be dealing with more severe damage. To prevent further issues, remove these right away and paint the wood with a fungicide-containing stain.

Unstable Railings

Often, loose fences are simple to fix, but don’t let them persist for too long. They represent a serious safety risk that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. In addition, you should carefully observe the stairs and steps of your deck. It should hold weight whenever you step on the deck and shouldn’t be slippery.

Corroded Fixtures And Accessories

Check the fittings and fixtures holding your deck together from below to ensure they are still in good condition. These may be degraded by aging and the environment if your deck is more than a few decades old. As posing a risk to you and your family, this can undermine the structural stability of your deck. Any fittings that are rusted out or broken should be replaced right away.

Takeaway: Unprotected wood is susceptible to the growth of algae, mildew, rot, decay, surface graying, and UV-induced damage. However, you can trust GTA-Decks to safeguard your priceless wood from further damage from the weather and return it to its original bright, clean, and natural appearance.

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