Deck cost calculator

“I want you to build me a new deck. How much will a new deck in Toronto, Canada cost?”

We get this question all the time! We offer our customers a free no-obligation estimate fully customized to their property and in consideration of any challenges we identify in the estimate assessment.

If you want a quick estimate though, we offer our Deck Estimator tool. This is an easy way to provide yourself with a deck project cost estimate instantly. Enter in your data, choose your decking material, and we provide a quote.

Please note the cost given by our Toronto Deck Estimator tool is for budgetary purposes only, based on a standard deck installation. There are a lot of factors that can influence final costs including the type of foundation the deck will be on, structures, decking finishing material, location, site accessibility, and more.

When calculating size in square footage, be sure to include elements like floors, landings, stairs, risers, screens, skirting, and any other finished elements. If you are satisfied with your deck cost estimation or have questions, submit it to GTA Decks to speak with someone directly.

For a more accurate final cost, you can schedule an appointment with us at your leisure. A representative would be happy to discuss with you your deck and evaluate your property on-site. We enjoy speaking with our customers one-on-one and seeing the site for ourselves, ensuring an accurate cost estimate can be provided.

Deck options

Based on 42“ step width (Same material as deck)


(Gravel + Landscaping Fabric)

Add modern features to your deck


Deck skirting installed on lower rise decks up to 4′ to cover structural beams and posts.



Fascia refers to material that completes the deck below its surface line.



All railings are 42“ high


Total CAD + hst

    If you would like to proceed with the quote and have our estimator visit you, fill out the form bellow

    For projects more then 700 sq ft Call us for a custom quote

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