Azek Decking truly believes in sustainability and strives to produce low-maintenance, recyclable products with very little damage to the environment in the coming years. One of the top leading suppliers of treated stain-resistant decks which are then engineered with Porcell technology. This gives you decks that are easy to clean, maintain, are stain proof, resistant to scratches and you can easily enjoy for a lifetime! 

Azek Decking has different collections to offer. The most popular collections include the Vintage Collection, Arbor Collection, and the Harvest Collection. Read on below to know about the various collections offered by Azek Decking:

Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection is one of the most sophisticated-looking deckings in the market. The boards feature capped polymer and a low-gloss finish making it look as close as possible to real wood. This series can boast of having a powerful core and is made using capped technology. It is easy to work with and helps transform your outdoor space effortlessly.

This is dubbed as the ‘Designer Series’ as it offers a range of designs and styles to pick and choose from. It is available in varying widths including narrow, standard, and wide. You get to pick from a variety of color selections and can add subtle or dramatic highlights. The deck repels dents, scratches, and requires very little maintenance allowing homeowners to enjoy their deck for years to come. It mimics the look of real wood better than most decking options but doesn’t come with the wear and tear associated with wooden decks. 

Connect with GTA Decks to browse through the Azek Vintage Collection that allows you to build a deck you’ve always dreamed of. 

Harvest Collection

Azek Decking was inspired by nature when it created its renowned Harvest Collection. The grains pay homage to Cathedrals and look traditional and exquisite. Balance this out with solid yet soft color palettes that are suitable for a variety of home exteriors. This decking collection has been designed for homeowners to be able to show off their creativity. This is a collection that adds to style without any effort. The colors are warm and natural giving your deck a nice rustic feel that stands the test of time.

It is constructed using proprietary Alloy Armor Technology. This means that there is a special capping to protect all four sides of the planks. The decking material is designed to resist moisture, mold, rot, and warping. You can kick back summer evenings to wintery mornings out on your beautiful Azek deck. 

Arbor Collection

If you want beauty that delivers high performance and quality, then the Azek Arbor Collection is made for you. It looks exactly like natural hardwood but is designed to last much longer. You get a 50-year fade and stain warranty on the color ensuring your deck lasts for decades to come. You have a wide range of colors to pick from, be it natural and earthy browns, sharp grays, or pristine whites. There is a selection for every home exterior. 

The deck is made of 100% PVC including the surface and the core but mimics the look and feel of hardwood. You can select from elegant grain options including intricately detailed, hand-scraped looks. It is also built using proprietary Alloy Armor Technology to protect the caps from fading. The capping is built in a sturdy manner to resist scratches, staining, warping to give you a deck that outshines for years to come. 

Landmark Collection

Bring home a stunning deck made out of reclaimed wood that looks elegant but is sturdy as ever to provide high performance. The deck has a matte finish but provides a unique cathedral look complimented with a stunning crosscut rustic grain. Choose between an everlasting gray or a stunning brown to enhance the beauty and appeal of your deck with elegance and style.  

The deck also features highlights and lowlights that span the entire length of the deck to give it a sophisticated finish. Just like in nature, no wood can ever look the same, the boards offer darker and lighter nuances making each board distinct in its own right.

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