Being one of the most popular homeowner projects in Toronto, GTA Decks brings decking options that are a fantastic way to expand the living space and add to aesthetic appeal at the same time. If done correctly, building a deck can improve and add to the property value whilst also letting you enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the house.  

Decks can be added to just about any room of the household and can be single or multi-leveled. 


Things to Keep in Mind When Installing  a Deck:


Plan your Installation 

Good planning is essential for properly constructing your deck. While planning the design, keep in mind certain factors like location, what you primarily want to do on your deck (parties, relaxing, etc.), existing structures and general landscaping, furniture that it needs to support, utility and drainage lines. You might also be required to follow safety regulations and obtain permits from local municipalities depending on where you live. After considering these points, you can begin designing the basics and make a list of materials to be used in the construction!

Use our deck cost calculator and determine exactly how much your planned deck will cost.

Design your Installation 

The decks’ basic support structure usually remains square regardless of the shape of the exterior.  While drawing out designs, try to incorporate the decks’ basic parts such as footings, beams, joists, as well as steps and railings for finishing. Depending on the materials and design, the spacing as well as size of these different parts would vary.

Determine Decking Layout

Generally, decks need to be squared with the building to which it’s being attached. Determine the height of your installation and measure it against the height of the floor. Measure the length and width of your decking boards and frame your deck keeping the dimensions in mind. Place a deck board perpendicular to your home and use it as a guide for determining the position of the other boards. Composite materials might require specific instructions from the manufacturers and it would be best to follow them step by step for the best results. 

After putting in all this effort, the last thing you want is for any measurement and design discrepancies that can compromise your dream project. You can contact GTA Decks to handle all your decking needs without you having to break a sweat.

Construct Your Deck

Begin your construction with the basics. This includes installing and securing a ledger board, setting down footings and fastening joists to beams. Place your decking boards with care as they are the most susceptible aspect of your construction. Regardless of the design of deck board placement, provide adequate space for natural movements caused by the seasons. You can pre-drill nails and screws to prevent certain wood from splitting.

Pay Attention to Finishing

Many of the more popular deck designs include finishing installations like steps and railings. You can easily determine the number of stairs you require by simply measuring the rise of your deck and dividing the number by 7 inches. It is suggested that you install hand railing on each side if your decks’ rise is more than three steps. Along with traditional wooden ones, there are several types of decorative railings available that you can incorporate in your design.

Permit Applications

There is no satisfaction quite like completing your own construction. But deck building can be tricky in more ways than meets the eye. Before you can design your deck, you need to submit construction details. These details go to the municipality. Only after the City approves the design, can the construction begin.

This can be a tricky part that might stall your deck construction. Get in touch with us and join our success rate where we have successfully got over 1,000 permit drawings completed. We submit your plan in a structured manner which is easy to understand and is approved by architectural experts on our end. That’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Whether you need elaborate ground decks, multi-leveled decks, balconies or terraces, we’ll help plan, design and install your visions.

Our success rate with architecture, BCIN design services, and permit drawing approval in the Greater Toronto Area is over 99%. Give us a call at (416) 315-2200 and schedule a FREE assessment of your property today.

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