Your deck is a vital component of your house, an addition that unites your indoor and outdoor living areas. Make sure your deck is in good shape right away as you wait. Doing this can fix any damage throughout the chilly winter months when the deck isn’t being utilized. When you have an outdoor living space, such as a sizable deck or porch, it might feel like you’ll never finish your to-do list for home improvements. Ensure the deck construction is structurally sound, paint and seal the decking boards to maintain them in good condition and offer treated wood with improved UV protection. Other maintenance tasks include repairing the occasional deck screw or nail. Your deck may last 20 years safely and aesthetically with appropriate care if the decking and railing are built of pressure-treated timber and high-performance materials. 

Here, we will go through how to evaluate the condition of your deck and whether it is time to replace it.

Look for Rot and Mold

Wood that has even a little area of decay might be concerning. Examine the entire deck if you spot it anywhere on it. Posts are among the most important locations to examine. Individuals moving on deck may suffer life-threatening injuries if posts crack. If you only discover it on one or two of them, it might be possible to repair rotted posts. But rot on one means the same thing as on the other. Therefore, if any or all of the posts have rotted, you must replace the whole deck.

Check the Ledger Board

The ledger board, which connects the deck to your house, must be repaired if you find any deck component has become loose or is moving away from your home. A lot of snowfall may aggravate this problem.

Look for Loose Nails and Screws

You may not even be aware of this issue if there are no visible nails or screws. We also tend to believe that it is simple to remedy. But this is not always the case. It typically points to more severe structural issues. If you replace them, it is quite risky for the deck not to be secured to the frame, and they quickly fall loose again. Exposed screws and nails represent a serious safety risk.

Extensive Surface Damage

The weather considerably impacts the condition of the deck. It is expected that the surface will deteriorate due to exposure to the sun in the summer and snow in the winter. Boards that are deformed, fractured, or cracked may be an issue. It is not a major issue if the damage is limited to a few boards. However, you will undoubtedly need to replace the deck if most of its surface is destroyed.

Check the Quality of Deck Posts

You should carefully examine the water gathering at the base of the deck posts because it is a common problem. Your posts must be replaced if there is apparent decay or water damage. The replacement may be possible if just one or two posts are affected, but if all posts are affected, or rot is present in other places, it is time to consider replacing the deck. Check deck posts for deterioration regularly because they are essential for structural support and can be dangerous if not repaired. Your deck has to be repaired if you can press into the wood with a screwdriver or other pointed object.

Look for Joists

Joists are just as important for stability and supporting your deck as posts are. Your joists should be replaced if they exhibit indications of rot and decay. It might be challenging to replace joists without destroying a sizable piece of your deck. Spending money on new decking is good if you observe significant joist damage caused by water, insects, or aging. 

Replace Your Deck With GTA Deck!

You should consider a new deck if you find any of the above warning indicators. Put away all your outdoor furniture, plants, grills, and other items off the deck before hiring deck builders. Decks provide for excellent outside areas. It is a great place to hang out with friends and spend time alone. You will need to maintain and check on it frequently. But, one definite indicator that it is time to replace your deck is when the maintenance cost exceeds the cost of creating a new one. Get in touch with GTA Deck for more details regarding deck maintenance. Call us today at (416) 315-2200.

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