Suggesting or choosing suitable decking material for your clients is one of the most critical steps in the construction process. As with flooring, there are a variety of materials to choose from. There is nothing like a perfect decking material. It depends purely on their needs. For example, go with a wood deck that is easy to clean and maintain. But if your client wants something for hotter summers, always suggest they go for the best composite decking for full sun. In addition, there is something for every budget, style, preference, and level of environmental consciousness. 

For this discussion, we will focus on the sunlight impacts on decks and a few basic types of decking that keep them cool even in hot sunny weather. 

Impacts Of Sunlight On Wood Decks

The key to selecting a high-quality decking material is ensuring it can stand up to the elements, especially the sun. The UV rays of the sun heat and dry up the cellular structure of wooden decking boards. A structural issue will arise when the board begins to dry out and crack and splinter. The wood also turns grey due to this UV deterioration. In short, the sunlight breaks down and weakens most wood decks over time, but using a composite decking material with UV protection will help make your deck last longer.                                                              

5 Best Decking Materials for Full Sun

Redwood Deck

Redwood decks are the most popular choice in sunny areas. It’s naturally resistant to rot and insects and can last for decades without much maintenance. It can be stained or painted, but since it has natural oils that repel water, staining may not be necessary. In addition, it stays cool in hot weather and won’t yellow over time like many other types of woods.

Cedar Wood Deck

Cedar is a popular choice for a deck because the oil inside its bark repels rot and insects, which makes it resistant to damage from these varmints. Also, it is naturally resistant to moisture and a good option for full sun. Cedar also has a beautiful colour that will darken over time to create a rustic look.                                                                                  

Cedar comes a close second in heat retention. It won’t get too hot, even on the warmest days. In addition, it is not prone to warping and cracking in high temperatures.

Pressure Treated Lumber Deck

Pressure-treated lumber is the ideal choice for projects like decks, fencing, swing sets, railings, picnic tables, and benches that are frequently outdoors. It will withstand damage from water, insects, and the sun and requires very little maintenance beyond occasional resealing. However, it is necessary to use slightly larger chemical preservative concentrations on fences or deck posts that directly interact with the ground.                                                                                                                                                      

Teak Wood Deck

As the name suggests, this is a tropical hardwood. Teak is a stunning variety of wood ideal for a complete sun deck as it has high oil content resistant to decay and moisture and stays cooler on hot sunny days. You don’t have to be concerned about termites or insects harming the wood because teak has a built-in natural barrier against pests.

Without adequate protection, teak will deteriorate in the sunlight. However, it retains its colour magnificently if you keep up with care and regularly apply oil or stain. 

IPE Wood Deck

It is a type of Brazilian wood. It is incredibly dense and naturally resistant to decay, fungi, and insects. It is also highly resistant to moisture damage and holds stains well, making it a perfect option for regions with heavy rainfall. It also stays cooler in summer. Therefore it is ideal for a deck exposed to direct sunlight. Even under adverse weather conditions, Ipe will not warp or split.                                                     

If Ipe decking is exposed to UV light, it may fade, but this can be prevented by routinely spraying timber oil. 

It is advisable to always consult with the experts before buying any wood. They can help you find the best materials for specific needs.

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